How It Works

Our goal is to make the process as hands-off for you as possible, so it may seem very simple from the client perspective.

Step 1

Before We Begin

As a client, you've only got one job - fill out a Project Questionnaire, and we'll take it from there.

What we need varies depending on if the project type (copywriting, images or both), but at a high level we want to know as much about your product and target customer as possible.

It's worth noting that even for copy-only projects, we still need basic images of your product to begin our work. These can be stock photos from your manufacturer, but it's important that we have something for our team to visually reference during the copywriting process.

For projects that require an image stack, we need *good* quality images, but this doesn't mean they have to be professionally taken.  As long as they are in focus, there is decent lighting, and we have a variety of angles, our design team can do amazing things. If you send us what you have, we can tell you if the quality is good enough for us to work with.

If you would like to have professional images taken, we have several photographers we can recommend.

Step 2

During Production

Once the project begins, you'll be assigned a Project Manager who will be your point person during the process. This is who you will contact with any questions during, or after the project. However, if you've filled out your questionnaire, often times the next time you hear from us is when your project is delivered.

Behind the scenes, we've got a streamlined process. You'll be introduced to your Project Manager and the Product Questionnaire will be reviewed for completeness. We'll reach of there are any questions; otherwise, work will be assigned to members of our team.

If you have ordered a copywriting and design project, we will work on the copy first. Once copy is complete, it is reviewed internally and forwarded to the designer, who will create an image stack that complements the features and benefits highlighted during the copywriting process.  

The design goes through a separate approval process and the entire deliverable is again reviewed before being delivered to you. This process ensures a high quality, consistent listing that you can have confidence in.

Step 3

After Project Delivery

If you're not happy with any aspect of the project, please reach out to your Project Manager and we will make revisions until you are satisfied. For copywriting listings, you'll also be provided with search terms that can be placed in the back-end Search Terms area of your listing, as well as for Amazon PPC. Of course, if you're happy with our service, testimonials and client referrals are always welcome.

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